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welcome! this website shows the work of australian artist and designer Lisa Schipper

"design is a funny word. some people think design means how it looks. but of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works."steve jobs. go artbox

illustration illustration  landscape painting landscape painting landscape painting


my name is Lisa Schipper. I'm an australian artist and digital designer. I work in the elearning sector. this website holds my art and illustration portfolio. enjoy.


I'm a digital designer with formal training in the visual arts. I crossed over to multimedia in 1993, winning state and federal funding to deliver multimedia exhibitions. these days my practice extends to drawing, painting and digital works.

picture of lisa schipperthe digital context
while I started as a painter, my working life moved into education in 1997. I was a lecturer at the Sunshine Coast University, teaching computer based art and design until 2002. Then I moved into the VET Sector and taught in the pre-press graphics and visual arts stream until 2011. In 2012, I did a Masters of Digital Design and worked in the eLearning Sector as a Multimedia Developer and Instructional Designer.

the work I do in education now has tight publishing restrictions, but check out my vCard, to see some of my education portfolio.

favorite websites

here's a list of websites that I aspire to.
evoenergy uk energy guide

the animation is html and css based, absolutely no flash files here. Inspirational and award winning.
the site is russian and has a modern constructivist flavour. really smart code to create this level of animation and interactivy, and a speedy download to boot.

digital skills bar chart

I use these technologies to create web objects.

  • adobe photoshop

  • adobe indesign

  • articulate

  • css 2.1 and 3

  • responsive html 5

digital design experience

I have experience with a multitude of printers. I work on both mac and pc systems with ease, in vector or bitmap software. view my portfolio that includes print, web and instructional design.


as a designer my practice also includes painting, drawing, illustration, photography, and digital art.

Previous Next

in 1994 and 1995 I won state and federal project grants to create digital art using new technology. the no apology project set out to inspire community interaction with the arts and highlight issues important to queensland people.

NO Apology

the 'no apology' exhibition at the michael burke gallery, new farm, featured 4 opening nights as a speak-easy and performance space highlighting hot social topics of the time.

The No Apology Exhibition

The no apology name came from the death of daniel yock. Daniel was an aboriginal youth picked up in brisbane's west end by the police, he was left unatttended in the back of a paddy wagon and died as a result of an epileptic fit. The police publicly demanded an apology from the family which sparked angry protests. The no apology opening featured the wakka wakka dance troupe and daniel's brother lionel fogerty, who spoke to a majority white, gallery going audience.

250 guests and all major galleries of brisbane attended the 'no apology' show.

hiv / AIDS

the flag image 'family' created for the second opening within the no apology exhibition, highlights the federal debate in 1994 to allow gay couples to declare themselves families.

hiv/ AIDS

MULTI culture

the opening night of multi culture was announced by a maori challenge at the michael burke gallery, new farm.

MULTI culture

technology in the ARTS

funded by the australia council to produce a series of artworks for exhibition using new technology.

Technology in the ARTS

'more to come soon'

'More to come soon'.

salt WATER alchemy

funded by arts qld in 95 to develop images based on chemistry for permanent exhibition in the university of sydney.

salt WATER alchemy

The six ao size ceiberchrome transparencies created for salt water alchemy hang in lightboxes as part of the collection of the school of chemistry.

the images focus on the element of water, highlighting it's importance to chemistry and human life. The works provide a teaching aid for lecturers as an example of computers used to explore complex theories.

More to come soon

I am fully trained in the production of creative and informational graphics and have a record of employment as a graphics teacher in the VET sector, so I think this gives me the edge in understanding what resources need to be created for online learners and readers. I am currently residing in brisbane.

I look forward to meeting with you and talking design. Thanks for viewing my website. Any questions? You can contact me via my mobile, or email.
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